ZAC Homes - Frequently Asked Questions

Select one of the frequently asked questions below to learn more about building with ZAC Homes. If you still have questions you can contact us on 1300 ZAC HOMES or email

Are your prices fixed?

Tenders for standard contract homes can be fixed at your request. We offer a turn key tender which is all inclusive.

Our prices are fixed on House and Land Packages so you know exactly what your costs are – No hidden costs and no surprises.

Can I build on a corner block?

Yes, no issue at all. We may have Standard Designs or we can Custom Design one to suit your requirements.

Can we build our own plans?

Yes. We can build your own plans, however this would be classified as a Custom Design and we will prepare a tender for you at a reasonable cost.

Can we change / customise an existing House Plan?

Depends on how many changes are made; minor changes from a Standard Design that still resembles the base product would be classified as a Standard Contract Home. If major changes are required, we will Customise a Design for you.

Can we put in a pool when we are building?

Yes, you certainly can. We can work and organise that with you.

Can you build to DA approved plans?

We certainly can. We charge a small fee to prepare a Fully Itemised Tender which can be a Turn Key if required.

Do you build in all areas of Sydney Metro?

Our primary build areas cover the West, North West, South West, Inner west of Sydney. Please get in contact if you are looking outside of these areas to find out if we can build your new home.

Do you do all DAs and Council Requirements?

Yes we do! We are a One Stop Shop. We take all the stress out of building your new home for you. Your tender will be prepared including all of your DA Costs and Council requirements.

Do you do Free Tenders if it is DA approved?

We still charge to do a Tender at a lower cost as this needs to be entered on our own Design, Estimating, and Operations Systems.

We need to provide you with a cost that gives you peace of mind, no hidden costs, no surprises.

Do you have any standard plans for sloping blocks?

Sloping blocks require a Customised Design to suit the slope of the block once the Contour Survey has been done. This is designed to the shape of your block to give you the maximum benefit of the slope.

Do you provide the Contour Survey and Geotechnical Reports if I do not proceed?

These reports are heavily subsidised for you personally by Zac Homes and if you wish to purchase the report at full cost, we are happy to do so.

How do I get started?

Make an appointment on 1300 350 793 / 88832640 or visit our office at 9 Cardell Road HomeWorld 5, Kellyville (entry via Windsor Rd).

Then bring the following documents to your appointment:

• 149 Certificate – Section 2 & 5
• Block Plan
• Sewer Diagram
• 88B if Applicable
• Cheque Book, Credit Card or Pay by Direct Bank Transfer for the Tender cost.

How do I proceed and what is the next step?

Once payment is received for the Custom Design home we order the reports and make and appointment for you with our Design Team.  This will take approximately 2 weeks as by then we will have your reports finalised.

Once you have approved the Design a full Tender will be provided to you outlining the entire cost of Your Project.

If you already have a Contour Survey in D.W.G. format we can make an appointment for you within a few days.

How do we choose our Colours?

We provide a full Colour Consultation with Professional Colour Consultant once your plans have been drawn.
Our Colour Consultant will assist you with any questions or decisions you need help with.

How long does it take to get a Tender?

It usually takes 4 weeks.

How long has Zac Homes been in business?

We have been specialising in Custom Design, Standard designs, Duplexes and Home and Land packages for over 25 years.

How much does the demolition generally cost?

It is usually in the region of $15000-$25000 depending on what material the existing house is and if there is any asbestos removal.

I am a licensed trades person, can I be apart of the building of my home?

By request, depending on which Trades person you are and the Construction is not held up, and we have a copy of your current up to date License.

Is there a restriction to house size for Custom Built Homes?

Not for building, but under 250m², the m² cost will be slightly more.

What finishes can I have?

Rendering, Bagging, Acrylic Render, Brick and Cladding. If you have any other finish in mind please ask us, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

What is the time frame to start building after approvals have been received?

This is usually 4 weeks as we will issue a work order once we get the DA approved from council. It takes this long as we have to issue a work order e.g. order bricks etc.

What slope of land is included in the standard site cost before it attracts an extra charge?

We allow 500mm cut and fill as standard.

What warranty do you offer?

We offer:

• 6 year home owners warranty
• Lifetime on structural
• 3 months on cosmetic defects

Will I lose my money I have paid for my Tender if I do not proceed?

ZAC Homes have done a considerable amount of work for you to produce your Tender, though we do not provide a refund if you do not proceed.