5 Reasons to Have a Custom Built Home

Published on Oct 20, 2014 | by Zac Homes


Does the thought of traipsing through one “dream home” after another make you shudder? Do you find yourself lamenting the fact that other peoples’ idea of an “ideal home” does not come even close to what you want? Does the thought of purchasing another house off the property ladder fill you with dread? Perhaps it’s time to design and build your own dream home the way you want it!

Undoubtedly, you already know many of the benefits of custom-building your home.
Everything is under your control; from personalised building plans to choosing your own fixtures and appliances, deciding where the sockets and lights go; to surfaces, flooring and anything else where your personal style is destined to be displayed. You will also know that custom-builds will be of high-quality construction, materials and will hold their resale value better and for longer.

Here are five reasons you should consider having a custom-built house for your next home.


As a unique person, with a family full of unique needs, why would you expect an out-of-the-box home to fit your exact requirements? Your custom-built home will be designed with your uniqueness in mind – rather than you having to retrospectively mould an existing home to those needs. Whether you want a log cabin or an ultra-modern design with your favourite styles incorporated throughout, your contractor will help you realise your dream.

Environmentally-friendly options

When you buy an existing home, any environmentally-friendly features you wish to have will need to be expensively retrofitted. Instead, building a home from scratch gives you the unique opportunity to build them in at the start.

Well beyond the water-saving appliances, consider other ways of improving a home’s efficiency all year around. Ways to utilize solar and wind energy, rain harvesting and grey-water reuse are all things not normally added into the conventional house plan. You could include renewable, reclaimed or recycled building materials such as timber and stone. Your custom-designer will also know of ways to design a home to require less heating and air conditioning, saving money (and the environment) for years to come.

Lifestyle choices

Your home will reflect who you are as a person; do you want to retrofit an existing home or would you prefer to build your new home to fit around you?

Your hobby or special interest deserves to be designed into your home, whether you need to house a collection, sport or developing home business. Maybe you desire a yoga studio, fitness room, games room, theatre, swimming pool or even a bowling alley. Perhaps you are a Masterchef wannabe or need a place for your grand piano.

High-tech needs such as state-of-the-art sound, lighting or entertainment features can really make a statement as well as supply the needs for you and your guests.

Family needs

Every family is unique. Maybe your family has become one of the increasing number of multi-generational homes with elderly parents or grandchildren now sharing your home. Maybe you care for a disabled person with special needs or simply have an extraordinary family in other ways. Your current accommodation may no longer serve your needs.

Your design can include a traditional “granny flat” complete with its own amenities, or simply extra rooms to incorporate the extra people living in your home. As you age, you may prefer fewer stairs, wider doors and lower countertops. Even if you are comfortable on your own for the moment, with more and more families returning to the multi-generational model of our ancestors, it is wise to plan for the unexpected.


Obviously, a brand new home is going to come with brand new paint, flooring, roof, appliances and everything else. You will also know that the electrics and plumbing are up to current codes. But there’s more than that.

You can design your home and gardens with low-maintenance in mind, and with the latest technology going in, it will help keep it in pristine condition for longer, with less effort. Your energy will be better spent in appreciating your home rather than taking care of it.

Isn’t it time you stopped trying to convert other people’s dreams to fit your life and design and build your own dream instead? Your custom-built home will have your heart and soul invested in it, making it truly and uniquely yours for many years to come.

Author Bio

Mark Williamson writes for Cambuild, custom home builder in Perth, Western Australia. Catch Mark on Google+ to discuss this piece.